Tips On Throwing A Going Away Party For Your Sibling Who’s Moving Out To College

Moving out to college is every older siblings dream! It is the start of a new and important chapter in their lives. And as part of their family you are expected to support their decision regardless of how you feel about it. Even though we may not admit it out loud, we actually do care a lot for our siblings, even though they may have been annoying older brothers that bullied you throughout your childhood or crazy older sisters that messed about your room and friends. We come to realize their worth once they leave. It’s funny that only then that do you realized how much you cared and how much you are going to miss them. Regardless of it every younger sibling also does enjoy this moment as well because it means an upgrade of their rooms! Parting ways with a happy note is the best way to hold onto memories and cherish the few moments you’ve got left and throwing a party is the best way to do so. Here are a couple of tips on planning this party;

Deciding the date and guests

You may or may not have heard of the endless high school friend stories of your siblings yet you may have at least met their best friends. Use this as a way to decide on the guest list for the day. This way you can have all your siblings’ true friends attend the party, friends that he or she may miss a lot when they part ways. Choose a suitable day as well to hold the party, a day that gives you plenty of time to plan things and for your sibling to finish packing up things as well.


You could choose to hold this event at home in your backyard or hold it in a place that holds a lot of memories and significance for your sibling. Let them enjoy their one last time to be spent there as it may represent home more or less. It would also help them part ways in a happy note while they shall also be most grateful for your thoughtfulness! You could arrange something to be taken as a souvenir HK as well, thus holding on to the memories of home!

Invites and décor

Choose a theme that represents and holds a lot of meaning, because after all you want this day to be one that is filled with lots of love and significance. This doesn’t mean you have to go over the top and spend loads on printing invites and decorations. Remember the simpler the better!


Who doesn’t love a gift or two? You could make a collage frame with a picture of your entire family with your sibling and even add in a couple crazy pics taken with him or her as well. You could present affordable USB gifts along with it too because after all you will never know how much these simple gifts are essentials for college students! Buy a couple interesting ones without sticking to the boring old usual.
Make the best out of this day, and even though things may not go exactly as planned don’t worry too much about it, because it only adds up to the crazy memories made for the day! Save the best for the last whether it is a group hug with friends or one big giant family cuddle! Don’t worry too much about those stray tears that won’t stop falling from your eyes as they only show how much you are going to miss your sibling and how much you care. After all since this may be the last time you’ll be seeing your sibling at least until the holidays, you could even end the day by pulling one last prank on them before they leave!