Top Advancements That Have Revolutionized The Media Industry

The rapid and constant changes and advances have taken in the 21st century are example of human improvement and innovativeness. These advances have managed to break numerous boundaries and barriers that exited in the past. These advances have not only been limited to a particular field but almost all fields have changed along with these advancements. The following are a couple of examples for this;

Video production done in tapeless form

Back in the old days such advances could only be dreamt of and remain potential ideas with no further progress that could be made. Before footage that was recorded was stored in a film and then transferred to a hard disk recorder for further processing. However this is not necessary anymore since with tapeless video production you can now move between and within video clips. It gives direct admission to metadata and specific time code as well. It makes it easy in the editing process eliminating the need to switch computers and be able to work with only one in ease. Such technological advances are present in post production house enabling them to provide more advanced and better services.


Not only has the size and thickness of TVs have changed but also the quality as well. For the first time ever Belgian company Euro 1080 launched HD1 channel that broadcasted Vienna New Year’s concert using this technology. This has helped video producers as well in their production tasks thus enabling maximum efforts to be made in animation post production stages.

Video sharing via online

With the introduction of You Tube in the year 2005 the amount of videos shared on an average day have exceeded a lot currently than in the past when it was introduced. It has been the best way in promoting and making someone famous overnight literally simply because of the millions of views a single video may gain. When it comes to promoting products, the advances and opportunities available in this method has made it possible to market things online without having to rely only on TV and campaigning. Thus making the promotion and sale of goods increase rapidly. See ths page for further information regarding TV ad animation.

Cloud computing

This is where performing tasks without the use of discs and drives are enabled. It gives one the ability to think out of the box and be creative without having to be held down by IT related issues that are relevant in the particular fields. This also makes it easy to do simple tasks like email and banking in ease via online with the facilities and programs that are available.

Such advances have truly managed to not only revolutionize the media industry but affect other industries as well simultaneously thus making it possible to do even complicated tasks in ease.